Chosen Family

I'm incredibly fortunate in the friends that I have. I'm stealing Laura's description of friends as a chosen family - I feel so blessed to have the friendship of some singularly wonderful people. My friends range from my best bud from kindergarten, friends from high school, friends from my college music days, friends from grad school, friends from work, and friends of friends. You have known me in several stages of my life, we've grown up together in many ways. I'm also grateful for the role the world wide web has played in enabling me to keep in touch with my friends who have dispersed around the world, and with my friends who live right here in Phoenix. Thank you for blogs, for MySpace, for Facebook, for email, for Flickr - these services help keep us close.

My chosen family gives me such support, warmth, laughter, and adds such value to my life. I don't know what I'd do without you. Here's a big thank you for your friendship, and a warm hug to all of you!
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  1. That is a great description. If it weren't for chosen family, I'd have very little family indeed!

    I am also thankful for reconnecting with you this past year and a half and look forward to more WoW geekery and grueling workouts!

  2. I'm grateful for you, too! I'm actually here at my parents' house in Tremonton and we were driving through Sandalwood today. Saw the old house and thought of playing with our MLP's in the unfinished basement. Still feels like it can't have been that long ago. I'm so glad we've stayed close through the years. Happy Thanksgiving!


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