Day in the Life Round 2 - Wednesday

5:30 - got up, dressed, sent hubby off to work, ate breakfast, drank coffee, read comics.
6:30 - actually out the door - ride bike to gym
7:00 - work out - music courtesy of Anali's Dance mix.
8:35 - roll into the office. Boot up computer, check messages. Log in to Outlook & Digsby.  Check various emails. Make tea.  Create GOBI login for new librarian. Start this post.
9:15 - staff meeting over coffee for some much-needed morale building.
10:00 - Meet w/new Latin American liaison to show her how to order faculty requests in GOBI.
10:45 - Send out email confirming collections realignment meeting schedule, update schedule in Sharepoint.  Follow up on a few more emails (realignment, residency classification, etc. etc.)
11:17 - Checking the ol' aggregator to see what new delights it brings me before lunch out with the Library Book Club.
12:00 - Lunch with the Library Book Club at Big Fat Greek Restaurant.  Discuss Laughter in the Dark by Nabokov.  Eat a lot of food and roll my Big Fat self back to the office.
1:45 - Check emails.  Help admin assistant access documents on Sharepoint.
2:30 - Start working on Appeals Board packets.
3:00 - phone calls from colleagues - 2 at a time - answer question about collections, answer question about parliamentary procedure. get another phone call about collections.
3:45 - back to appeals board packets. determined to finish them today!
5:05 - yay, finished! Time for marimba! Publish post, I'm outta here!  I know I was working all day, but still feel that I didn't get much done...lots of interruptions.