Day in the Life Round 2 - Thursday

5:30 - groggily get out of bed (up too late playing WoW and eating too many gobstoppers). Say goodbye to hubby, stretch, take shower, pack lunch, eat breakfast, drink coffee, read paper
7:45 - bike to work
8:15 - get to office. log in to Outlook & Digsby, check various emails. make tea.
9:13 - start this post. work on outline for tomorrow's ENG 102 instruction sessions: instructor wants an introduction to various research databases for a paper on controversial issues.  Organize RefWorks account to be presentable for students.
10:50 - check emails - respond to some Tech Talk business. organize inbox - getting close to zero! Make sure my schedule is current in departmental Sharepoint, wish I didn't have to log in half a dozen times to access any little page.
11:30 - lunch! eat, read blogs
12:40 - Head over to Union for Residency Classification Appeals Board hearings.  Get yelled at by 4 of 5 applicants, and told that I don't understand how technology works.
4:25 - back at the office to check email and wrap up before going home.  I am exhausted!
4:50 - going home to watch the debates!


  1. I strongly sense that you understand how technology works. And ugh on being yelled at by the applicants.
    Though doing the residency thing does suck.

    You are loved by the cats and your friends and family.

    Apparently, I am determined to be your cheering section. :).

  2. don't barf during the debates if you can help it. If I have to hear SP say "gee, aw shucks guys, I'm just so not from Washington..." or see her wink, or hear her gibberish answers I'm going to shoot myself in the eyes! Have a great weekend!

  3. oops - I thought this was a Friday blog and maybe you were going to watch a recording... my bad.

  4. Aww...thanks Barb! It's nice to have a cheering section!

    Nick - yeah, I watched them last night. With beer. Lots of beer. ;-)


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