Day in the Life Round 2 - Friday!

5:30 - groan, hit alarm, go out to couch to doze until hubby goes to work. Shower, dress, eat, coffee, paper.
7:35 - bike to work
8:10 - get to work. log in to Outlook, Digsby, check various emails.
9:00 - go to Science library to prepare for ENG 102 instruction. Stop by Einstein's for lovely fall blend coffee.  At Science library, make last minute copies of feedback form and database handout.
9:40 - teach ENG 102 instruction - go over Refworks, ENG 102 LibGuide, and some searching tips.  Forget to show them the RefWorks tips online.  Actually stick to my outline and time, class gets out on time.
10:30 - hang out in Science reference area - read over feedback form comments (sample pros:  "I love refworks," "I learned how to use the research databases much more effectively." sample cons: "Go a little slower in the beginning." "less talking, more hands on" and in answer to what would make this session better: "free cookies.")  Compare instruction notes with colleagues.  Visit with Daphne, compare thoughts about VP debate.
11:30 - prepare for next ENG 102 instruction, make more copies.  Students arrive early, are asking about voter registration, so bring up secretary of state website for online registration.
11:50 - teach next session. try to go a little slower, and change activity from group work to searching individually and exporting a relevant article into Refworks (remember to show them tips and workshop schedule). Somehow, I get done about 5 minutes early, but class doesn't care and out they go.
12:30 - read over feedback forms. some pros: "excellent presentation!" "learned about sorting results by relevancy instead of date". some cons: "how can we get to full-text if we only have an abstract?" (d'oh!) "exporting was a little unclear." (question actually asks "what was unclear?" to which some joker said "muddy water". hah!).  As for what would make this session better: "food", "armrests on the chairs".
12:40 - report into Science reference to let them know I'm done and rocked the classes. chat with colleagues. Walk back to Hayden with friend.
1:15 - starving! it's time for lunch - eat, read aggregator - try not to obsess over debate recaps and assessments.
2:15 - catch up on some library reading, emails (got a nice thank you from ENG 102 instructor!).
3:30 - start this post. it's 3:30 already! need to write this week's Talking Tech column!
3:40 - start writing Talking Tech Column - on online resume templates and resources.
5:05 - publish Talking Tech Friday! It's time to make a comics run, and go home! Publish post!


  1. I had to look up RefWorks, as I hadn't really heard of it before. Scientists are entrenched in EndNote, which is a fine product for published journal citations but lacks a little when talking about online resources (which we never cite anyway, naturally).

    What do you think of Zotero?

    Happy weekend!

  2. I haven't used Zotero, since I'm lazy about downloading and installing extensions. I'm curious about it though, and Thomson Reuter's lawsuit vs. George Mason University adds to that interest.

    I always provide an anecdote to the students that ASU licensed RefWorks the month I graduated with my degree - I never actually got to use it for class! However, I do use it for the little research I do, and I like it fine.


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