Daphne led me to this clip from Craig Ferguson today, and I am unashamedly copying it from her because I think it's important:

Seriously, spread this around. I think its message is more important than the various "The TRUTH about Obama" or "The TRUTH about McCain" viral videos going around. Ferguson's right. It's our duty to educate ourselves about the issues and vote based on what we learn - NOT vote on whether you think someone is hot or not.

And seriously - I don't care if you vote for the other guy, as long as you are voting based on the facts and your own beliefs, not based on lipstick and pigs.


  1. I agree and I have to say McCain's whole "oh, that remark was SOOO sexist and aimed at Palin!" was ridiculous and embarrassing. But the whole campaign has been full of over the top offense-finding and umbrage-taking. I told Nate I was tired of it and I wasn't going to read any more of "Palin said this" or "Obama did that". I think some of it has to do with the fact that Obama and Palin are both such newcomers that the opposing sides are still trying to work out what dirt they have on them. Notice poor McCain and Biden have hardly had a word written on whatever silly scandals might still lie around in their closets. I say "poor" because that just means they aren't even part of the news cycle. Biden is starting to look the invisible Washington appendage to Obama and McCain is starting to look like he's not the person at the top of the ticket.

    In the end, I know what I care about and who I think can deliver it (or in certain cases, specifically NOT deliver some things) and that's who I'm going to vote for. Until then, I've taken myself off talking heads and political news coverage.

  2. It's ironic that someone from another country cares more passionately about voting in America than most Americans. And he's right that we almost have to sell our democratic right to ourselves by sexing it up and making it hip. But if it gets more people to the polls I'm all for it.

  3. Mara - I'm with you on weaning myself off pundits. As far as the presidential election goes, my mind is made up. However, I've now received my local voting information packet, so I'll be investigating that stuff until Election Day. Hopefully, my blog will resume regular programming soon! I feel that I've been a little too obsessive lately!

    Jennifer - Unfortunately, I think that it's all too common that Americans take their rights and privileges as citizens for granted. It often takes losing those rights, or knowing what it's like to not have them in the first place, to appreciate them. I believe that's one of the most compelling things about McCain's story - that being imprisoned away from his country made him realize how precious and special it is.

  4. C.F. became a US citizen this year.

    I agree with Mara, I know who I am voting for and why. I'm tired of all the BS and have distanced myself from the news (particularly the net news). All I hear now is the little news updates on the oldies station.


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