Recovering from the long weekend

Played a lot of Prophecy this weekend with the Milazzos, which they gave us this last Christmas. Great game, I'd recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy games, but doesn't have the time for real role-playing adventures. We had 5-year-old Garion playing with us, and he does pretty well running his own character, as long as we walk him through his turn (basically, we offer him a few options for his turn, and he decides what he wants to do), but he rolls his own dice, adds up his abilities, and really feels like he's part of the game. He's not going to win at all, but he doesn't mind that. There's a great overview of the game here at Board Games with Scott:

BGWS 050 - Board Games with Scott 050 - Prophecy from Scott Nicholson on Vimeo.

After driving back rather late yesterday, though, I could have used another day to rest up at home, fighting with Kitty over reading the paper.


  1. Glad to see Miss Kitty as the featured feline this week. Always a treat!

  2. That's a great Miss Kitty pic.

    You almost can hear her thought bubble.

    I have been denied lap time and my owners have been paying too much attention to the machine. Not fair.


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