A few musings

Why is it that making my own coffee always tastes better than anyone else's? One would think there is nothing particularly special about the way I make coffee, other than I make it the way I like it. But still...

My Cat Picture Mondays haven't been going very well - I may still call it Cat Picture Monday, but really it's just a Weekly Cat Picture. So, here you go.

Have rather an odd schedule this week - I have a Tech Talk meeting this morning, and my wonderful supervisor has allowed me to work from home the rest of the day so I don't have to bother with looking and paying for parking at ASU. On a related note, I got a new computer chair this weekend and it is VERY comfortable. I am certain that sitting in such a lovely chair can only improve my productivity and quality of work. Tomorrow, I am attending a workshop called "Futureproofing your library," presented by George Needham and Joan Frye Williams. I've seen both speakers before, and am quite looking forward to the presentation. The workshop is scheduled from 9:30-3:00, though, so again, I won't be going into the office. I love that I have the flexibility and ability to telecommute on occasion.

This week I'm concentrating on finishing up some library assessments for the Graduate Program Reviews Office, writing a draft of my cover letter for my probationary review packet, outlining two workshops (one on author's rights, and one on the NIH Public Access Policy) to be offered in conjuction with the Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence, and working on our collections "realignment" project. Busy week, and I'm determined to Get Things Done.


  1. I love your twitter comment that Charlie is in the joy of the returned human land. The human, she has returned, earlier than usual!! Oh sweet joy.

    As for your own coffee tasting the best, I mostly agree. Though the Bean's "Mexican coffee" tastes better there than when I make it.
    Might also be because I really only need one cup.

    Sad admission: I googled Cessna to find out it was a plane. I thought it was like a motorbike, like a Vespa.


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