This is a nightly ritual for Kitty as she stares at her food bowl in the hopes that it will magically transmute into some Frisky's soft food, or perhaps some tuna. I got news for you, Kitty - cats who miss the litterbox do NOT get soft food.

Yes, it WAS an exciting morning. Why do you ask?
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  1. I can't imagine a feline of her regalness (is that a word?) would have bathroom issues. Murph is still on wet and he is still losing weight. I can't wait until he gets to his ideal size so we can switch him back to dry. Wet food is so stinky and gross to clean up.

  2. Yeah, Kitty puts on a good front, but she is a big slob - she rarely takes a bath and does have litterbox issues, though not as bad as when we were feeding her soft food every day. Her bowels just couldn't handle that. She's on a great senior formula from Science Diet that seems to agree with her, and allowing her to put on a little weight.

  3. My cats are on wet mainly because Calliope, abandonment issue central, will continue to eat as
    she's not certain food will be coming later. So, she's a bit on the overweight side. But, yes, wet food is messy.

    Did I mention she's got Siamese and Calico tendencies?

    And have bought tuna in an effort to get her to have her pills. And if that doesn't work, they'll still probably get it. Because am not in the mood for tuna myself these days.

    But, yes ultimately my cats rock.


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