Day in the Life Round 2 - Tuesday

5:30 - get up. doze on the couch for a half hour with cats and husband. Get up again - shower, make lunch, eat breakfast, drink coffee, read paper.
7:30 - bike to work
8:00 - roll into the office.  Accidentally offend admin assistant by asking about smell in office - turns out it's Lysol disinfecting wipes.  Make amends. Make tea.  Log on to Outlook and Digsby - check various emails, start this post.
8:45 - Work on collections realignment project.  Negotiate meeting schedule with committee, wonder why people don't seem to read email and why I bother sending them.  Get discouraged.
9:25 - Decide to prepare for 10:30 Librarians' Assembly Executive Council meeting instead.  Review agenda, minutes, look up parliamentary procedure for "friendly amendments."  Take respite in Garrison Keillor's soothing voice as he reads the Daily Almanac on KBAQ. Remember that I am Chair of the Personnel Committee and should probably act like one.  Send out email to committee members to propose a meeting - set up Doodle poll to select a date.
10:25 - go to EC meeting.
12:00 - Back in office. Lunch! Eat, read blogs.
1:05 - OMG, I have a 1:00 meeting!  Run upstairs to meet with ERM Implementation Committee.  Discuss usability issues, faculty complaints, subject breakdowns and assigning databases to such.  Volunteer to be part of subgroup to explore this further.
2:40 - Back in office.  Wash lunch dishes. Read emails - further discussion about collections meeting, get head put together again.  Do some pushups to get the blood moving to the brain again.
3:10 - Finish up draft of the School of Public Affairs library assessment.  Try not to get distracted by the bombardment of emails regarding various meetings.  Send draft to subject liaison for review.
4:00 - eat apple, write emails.  Finally get Personnel Committee Meeting hammered out. Still tearing out hair on Collections meeting schedule - resolve to resolve tomorrow.
4:25 - Go over Residency Appeals packets.
5:00 - Finally! What a day!  Publish Post.  Go home. Drink.


  1. Garrison is good for his calming elements.


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