Day in the Life Round 2 - Monday

I thought I would do another week in the life, now that the semester is solidly underway and my work is a little more typical.  Because I don't have ENOUGH blogging to do!

Speaking of which - upcoming posts this week: Starting in on covering the contents of the AZ ballot, a recap of the Futureproofing your Library workshop from last week, and the August BAMC review.

5:30 - slog out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, read paper, drink coffee
7:00 - bike to gym for abbreviated workout - I'm stiff from batting practice and moving furniture about on Sunday, so I justify not doing weights
8:40 - get to work. Make tea. Download new build of Digsby, add LinkedIn.  Read various and sundry email accounts. Talk to admin asst about her new cable services (phone, tv, internet - she's joining the 21st century!)
9:40 - Start working on finishing a library assessment for the College of Business. Update information about ARL Libraries, revise wording on library services.  Send to Graduate Program Reviews Office.
10:20 - investigate question from selector on some monographic continuations.
10:37 - read SoundOff - library's newsletter
10:42 - go to student union in search of (healthy) snacks. Return with granola bars, rice cakes, and Pringles' Sweet Potato crisps (only 150 calories/serving!). Glad the Union is stocking more reasonable goods.  Stop by colleague's office to chat.
11:13 - Start reviewing Residency Classification Appeal packets for Thursday's hearing.
12:10 - break for lunch. Eat sandwich, read blogs, look at friend's pictures from Ecuador.
1:20 - reading some post-debate coverage. Am shocked the Wall Street bailout didn't go through. Marvel at the goings-on in Washington
2:00 - Review more appeal packets
3:00 - Marvel at the silence of my inbox.  Catch up on some library reading (some blogs, some paper - I am now 2 issues behind on College & Research Libraries).
4:00 - Review documents on our collections realignment project-  deadline today.  Look at what other groups have put up - add a few suggestions.  Think about how to compile them all tomorrow.
5:00 - publish post!


  1. Have to ask. How are the Sweet Potato crisps?

    Because it might be worth it to buy them for a change
    when next at the store.

    Though they're not going to be as good as the sweet potato fries at the Lost Dog Coffee house I used to go to. They also had a really good chicken muffaletta and proferitolres with van. ice cream and rasp. sauce and choc. sauce.

    Back to the bagel chips and the sierra mist.

  2. The sweet potato crisps are quite yummy. Maybe TOO yummy to keep for long in the office...


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