What have I gotten myself into?

Hmm...how did I get up here?

Yesterday was a good day. I love the beginning of the school year! There's still a part of me that looks wistfully at the students bustling around campus, finding their classes, meeting friends, getting lost and having to ask librarians for help, and misses that activity. College (by which I mean my undergrad degree) was a great experience for me, and sometimes I wish I could go back. Except that I do really like not having homework. And sleeping.

I was asked questions yesterday ranging from locker room shower etiquette (that's what I get for wearing my "Ask Me" shirt at the gym), to where such and such building was, to where to go for academic advising.

Friday it hit me that I actually have a lot to do this fall. Here's a partial list:
  • Unexpectedly was asked to assist in some collection assessment and weeding. Due in 3 weeks.
  • Am mentoring a freshman scholarship recipient
  • Have 3 instruction sessions to teach - so far
  • Have some scholarly communications presentations to plan, organize and present
  • Have 2 conference presentations, one in early November and the other in early December to prepare.
  • Have my probationary review for tenure due in November - packet must be prepared, letter describing my supreme librarian skillz written and approved.
  • Am chair of a library committee that actually should meet and work on stuff this year.
  • Am co-chair for the Tech Talk group, so suddenly have more to do with that group. Also have an Emerging Tech column due in a couple of weeks that I need to write.
  • Finally, need to do all the other random work things that I do - ranging from preparing library program assessments, random technological doodads, and whatever else my boss tells me to do.
Consequently, blogging may be lighter than usual this fall. I'm really happy to have so much to do, but I've also been thinking about a lot of things I'd love to post about, just to organize my thoughts into a semi-articulate mass. If nothing else, it'll be an interesting semester!


  1. I love this Monday Cat Pic! He is so cute and so frisky.

  2. That is such a cat pic. So cute and so expressive.

    And could be sold to a poster company with various amusing tag lines.

    "How did I get here?"

  3. You're welcome to use the cat pictures for LoLcats, but please leave a comment with a link if you do. I don't mind people making fun of the silly creatures - I just want to join in!

  4. I probably wouldn't ever. Because it would just never occur to me. But if I ever did, I'd totally let you know.

    Are you enjoying Nabokov? Is it a book club pic?

    Haven't read him myself. Of course, you could be reading him just because.

  5. Yeah, book club. Probably wouldn't have picked this one up just because.

  6. I know only one person who would read Nabokov just because and it's one of his favorite writers. One of my old, brilliant students, this is.

    I keep thinking of trying one of the books he recommended me and it doesn't happen.

  7. Hey, what prompted the color change of the blog?

    It's going to take some time for me to get used to it.

  8. I'm in an autumnal sort of mood, hence warm autumnal colors. :-)

  9. Makes sense. More earth toney.


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