So my site meter says that visits to my blog were well over double the usual number last week. Clearly, I should post about politics more often if I want a lot of hits. Somehow, I don't think this will happen - politics are just so draining!

I obsess over what to write for hours for every political post. I just can't do it more often than I do. But I encourage all of you who came by last week to continue to do so - I'll try to be more entertaining.


  1. I agree with you on the exhausting bit.

    I do feel passionately, but it's hard to be passionate and articulate. Which is why I so seldom do these things.

    I usually go with lists as you know. And even that doesn't happen all that often.

    Bring me the pretty pics.

    And yes, I identify the other cats in my life who have an orange hue as Charlie-cats. My friend Sarah's cat Tigre is now a Charlie-cat.

  2. Wow, the only thing I really got to say is .. I had no clue that you could monitor your traffic. I will now have to go figure that out. Also, I look forward to reading your political blog.


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