First day of school!

This morning I kissed Chris on his way out the door for the first day of school. He was dressed up again in slacks, nice shirt and new fretboard tie, black teaching bag in hand. He's back in full swing of his busy schedule again, which I find a little contagious. Classes at ASU don't start until the 25th, and it doesn't affect me much except I might teach a few instruction sessions (not one of my primary duties, but something I do for fun and experience), and marimba on Wednesday nights.

Nevertheless, I've mentioned before how the start of school always feels more like a new beginning to me than January - spending most of my life on an academic calendar must have affected my perceptions. I made resolutions in January, and now is a good time to review, reflect, and renew them. Whoops - we haven't been hiking at ALL!

I also can't believe I've had this blog for 4 years! I've never celebrated a blogiversary, but still...Grumpy since 2004 and still grumping away!

Don't feel sorry for Arnie, he started it!


  1. Happy Blogiversary! I always look forward to reading your shtuff to keep on blogging! I just realized that it was my one year blogiversary a few weeks ago as well. Thanks for being part of my inpsiration to get started.

  2. Considering you have hiked more recently than I have, it's probably okay. Although, hiking is one of those things I don't do.


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