Day in the Life - Wednesday

5:30 AM - get up. get dressed, eat breakfast (oatmeal, coffee), read paper
6:35 - bike to gym. Work out (courtesy of dance playlist)
8:35 - get to office. Boot up computer, make tea. Log in to Outlook, Digsby. Check various emails, start this post
9:15 - CSCO staff meeting - introduce new staff member, talk about other vacancies, the university disaster plan, and our departmental intranet ideas
10:00 - meeting with BAMS - talk about e-book fund codes & ordering, vendor gossip, and our non-budget
10:40 - catch up on email, add new staff member to intranet, sign up for the Library Lost tables, fiddle with intranet
11:30 - Maroon & Gold mentor orientation: I'm mentoring an incoming freshman scholarship student, with a commitment to meet at least once per month all year. They fed us a box lunch and offered tips and a binder full of information. Ah, binders, how quaint!
1:15 - back in the office, catch up on email. no more meetings today! Check in with new staff member about email and such.
2:50 - catch up on email again! compose welcome notice for new employee for the staff newsletter.
3:10 - post on MCLC TechTalk blog about ASU's book drive.
3:30 - Catch up on today's action in the SPARC Author Rights Forum - a lot of discussion re: this article in the Chronicle
3:50 - Browse through saved emails to discover information about a liaison from the MCLC Board of Directors for the Tech Talk subcommittee. ponder.
4:00 - wonder why Bloglines isn't loading up my feeds. try it on Internet Explorer. get cranky. check Down For Everyone or Just's just me. Send email about to various interested people. Oh, NOW Bloglines says it's down.
4:16 - Go finish reading Cites & Insights.
5:00 - Publish Post! Go home!


  1. Hmm. Must be time to publish another Cites & Insights... (Kidding. At least a week or two away. Hope you enjoyed it.)

  2. Ahh, nothing inspires like the smell of a freshly filled plastic binder.


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