Day in the Life - Tuesday

Kind of an unusual day today - we had a new staff member start, and I often take on the introduction and orientation aspects for new employees.  I really enjoy doing that stuff, and kind of miss it from when I supervised student workers.

5:30 AM- hit snooze a few times, get out of  bed at 5:45.  Stretch, shower, make coffee, pack lunch, eat breakfast (oatmeal w/raisins), send husband off to work, read paper.
7:30 - bike to work.
8:05 - arrive at work, boot up computer, talk with admin assist. about our new contract specialist's schedule (today's her first day!), log into Outlook, Digsby, check various emails.
8:30 - contract specialist arrives, take her on tour of library, meet people, orientate
12:30 - lunch! catch up on email, blogs, watch Where the Hell is Matt? (awesome, go watch it), chat with coworkers
1:40 - do dishes, follow up on email, check subject liaison lists for accuracy before the new semester, read SPARC Author Forum about Taylor & Francis attribution issues.
2:30 - back to orientating.  Talk about library intranet, catalog, university employee webpages, etc.
4:40 - catch up on email, eat peanut M&Ms.
5:00 - go home!