Day in the Life-Thursday

5:20 AM - Chris wakes me up because he needs to get dressed.  I actually get up before 5:30!  Stretch, shower, pack lunch, eat breakfast, drink coffee and read the paper.
7:20 - I'm so on time today - I leave to bike to work.
7:50 - roll into the office.  Boot up computer, log in to Outlook and Digsby, make tea.  Redecorate office - throw out plant that died in April, tear down old Harrassowitz calendar pages, put up some nerdy posters.
8:40 - check email.  chat with a couple colleagues.  Make plans with new employee (H) to tour the Noble library at 10:15.
9:15 - work on continuing appointment review packet. add upcoming conference presentations, reflect on new criteria and layout.
10:15 - go collect H, wander over to the Noble Science library for tour and introductions. meet a bunch of people.  Have lunch.
2:15 - back in the office for the rest of the day. do dishes. catch up on email. think about changes in health insurance options for open enrollment (starts next week), discover my doctor is on the other networks, breathe a sigh of relief.
2:40 - check bloglines. read library blogs.  Maybe a few other blogs, too.
3:40 - get derailed talking with a colleague near the restrooms
4:40 - realize it's been entirely too long, get back to the office to wrap up stuff - go through email for anything important (it's been a quiet week!), send a quick follow-up email to a professor about an instruction session in September, make tomorrow's to-do list.
5:05 - publish post! Go home!