Day in the Life - Monday

I decided to jump on another blog bandwagon and participate in the Library Day in the Life meme.  Every day this week, I'll keep a record of what I do.  I'm rather curious to see it myself, since I'm often not quite sure what exactly I do all day either.

I should preface this by saying that my title is Assistant Collections & Scholarly Communications Librarian.  I report directly to the Chief Officer for Collections & Scholarly Communications.  Aside from my boss, I'm the only librarian in our system that has anything to do with scholarly communication in my job description.  Despite my title, I have no direct collection development responsibilities - rather, I coordinate our approval plans and serve as an internal liaison between vendors, subject liaisons, and technical services.  I've been in this position for 2 years, and it was a new position when I began, which means there was no set expectation of duties for me to perform when I started.  This is an academic professional, tenure-track position - I'm up for my 3-year probationary review this year.

5:30 AM - get up, dress, eat breakfast (cereal, coffee)
6:35 - bike to the gym.  Work out - today's music provided by Mark Knopfler's The Ragpicker's Dream
8:40 - roll into the office. Boot up computer, log in to Outlook and Digsby.  Make tea.  Check various email accounts. Boot up KBAQ (the classical music station) on iTunes.
9:15 - Make today's To-Do list. Start this post.
9:20 - Start working on updating the Library Assessment template for the University Program Reviews.
9:45 - Supervisor popped in to chat about weekend and various upcoming things
9:55- back to assessment template. 
10:05 - break for a snack and Free Rice. 1800 grains of rice, max vocab level 47, current, 46
10:19 - Read library newsletter.
10:30 - Start working on the library assessment for the nursing program. Wish I had dual monitors, as I'm pulling information from 3 documents and have to tab around them all. Pull holdings data for relevant call numbers from North American Title Count information for 2001 & 2005.  Email call number list to data analyst to supply current holdings information. Match up liaison-supplied list of relevant electronic resources with ERM records, reformat and prettify.
11:50 - talk with colleague about dinner plans, continuing appointment (tenure) criteria, and instruction
12:20 - lunch! read blogs, eat.
1:25 - finishing up all the subscriptions for today - about 60% librariana blogs. do dishes, refill water bottle. A woman comes into the office to donate a book - administrative assistant has stepped out. I go and fetch our gifts coordinator.
1:35 - productivity derails as I watch Dr. Horrible.
2:20 - read article on open access journal publishing, watch videos of OA panel at ALA.
2:40 - because our administrative assistant stepped out again, someone comes into the office looking for a colleague.  Because my office is directly across from the door, they always look expectantly at me.  I direct her. Return to article.
3:30 - Read August's Cites & Insights
4:17 - A regular faculty member come in to see if we've gotten any new books yet.  I have to tell him no, and that we still don't know when we'll get books again.
4:30 - various colleagues pop by to discuss random work and non-work subjects.  Still didn't finish Cites  & Insights. Now it's 5:00, and I'm calling it a day.


  1. Wait--what happened after 5:00? you can't leave us hanging like that! Or is after 5:00 off limits? : ) Also, I'm glad I'm not the only person whose productivity was derailed by Dr. Horrible--please don't tell.

  2. I went home, ate dinner while watching the last three episodes of I dream of Jeannie,did dishes, then installed Windows XP on my laptop while reading. Not so exciting.

  3. Yay. Dr. Horrible. Okay, only watched one episode. I think it deepsixed most of the people's producitivity out there and put more catchy songs into one's heads.
    Curse you Joss.

  4. First I have to say - 5:30am. That is way to early for me.

    Second, I love Dr. Horrible. Not a little but a lot! The first one was good but seriously all three are a masterpiece (okay maybe a bit of an exaggeration).

    Lastly, I still have no clue what you do. The actual library bits did not make a lot of sense to me so I skimmed.

    But woohoo for classical music on Pandora.


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