Day in the Life - Friday!

5:30 AM - alarm rings, hit snooze, get out of bed at 5:40. Stretch, get dressed, eat breakfast, drink coffee, read paper, get backed up with Chris trying to leave too, and get out on the road by 6:35
7:05 - at the gym - work out.
8:35 - arrive at the office. boot up computer, log in to Outlook & Digsby, make tea. Check email.
9:00 - go for weekly coffee "meeting" with friends
9:40 - take picture of H for Monday's SoundOff
10:00 - back in the office, check email, create a new Pandora channel (ABBA!), start this post.
10:15 - write Talking Tech Friday column for the MCLC TechTalk blog. Get interrupted with a few emails and IM questions, but not too bad.
11:45 - publish column. Starving, going to start lunch a little early. Have leftover gnocci and applesauce. read blogs. Watch Lawrence Lessig's TED talk about copyright (I'm thinking I probably watched this before, but Lessig is always worth multiple viewings).
12:50 - do dishes, focus on some serious library(ish) blogs.
2:00 - Have achieved Bloglines Zero (well, mostly). Now for Inbox Zero: respond to emails about special record displays in ERM, reply to professor from yesterday - file in "follow up" folder, respond to email from approval vendor about open firm orders, respond to new liaison librarian about approval plan adjustments, read over potential information for next week's workshop for probationary librarians (that's me!) to prepare for review (I'm also on the committee preparing the workshop - multiple hats), wait to respond back to approval vendor after actually picking up the phone to call someone who might know something - of course, I have to wait for a response. resign myself to not reaching zero at this moment. 1 message to go.
2:52 - Go to purchase suggestion box (an outlook shared folder). forward suggestions to appropriate subject liaisons.
3:15 - update departmental intranet site - add requested RSS feeds, enter my Monday appointment at the Downtown Phoenix Campus.
3:20 - get call from approval vendor rep about email, actually get hold of other colleague, and straighten out this issue regarding what's on hold, what's not, and who's on first. send email detailing phone conversations, archive response in vendor folder
3:50 - aaaannnnd, THERE'S Inbox Zero!
3:51 - whew...what was I doing? Oh yeah, intranet. Internet Explorer crashes 4 times. Switch to Firefox, even though Sharepoint doesn't play nicely.
4:12 - fed up with Sharepoint. Going to skim ASU Insight and start July's Library Resources & Technical Services.
4:30 - lights turned off to warn us that the library closes in 30 minutes (reduced hours for intersession). /sigh
4:40 - going to finish up the post and clear out of here a few minutes early - the flashing lights give a certain feeling of urgency.

This has been an interesting exercise - my week was quite a bit more social than usual due to our new employee. And more laid back than usual due to summer intersession. I think I might try this again later in the fall or in the spring when school's in session. Maybe we'll have a budget by then!

4:50 - publish! Go home (with a stop at Ash Avenue Comics & Books)


  1. Sounds about right for most of our lives.

    Yay, Abba channel. What'd you think of Mamma Mia?

    Since Mamma Mia and Sisterhood were my last two movies, I think I need to go see a less chick flicky film and one that doesn't involve Greece.


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