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Video is back up on YouTube.

A very thought provoking article in Time magazine:
Gore's Bold, Unrealistic Plan to Save the Planet
"Wind and solar are growing far faster than fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas, but considering that we don't even know if economical carbon capture and storage will ever be possible, it's hard to see how Gore's target is remotely attainable. This isn't negative thinking, or fiction put out by the oil industry. This is reality... Night terrors aside, the 10-year target is a mistake for strategic reasons. It feeds into the perception still held by a large number of Americans that Gore is an alarmist, and alarmists can be ignored. Such a wildly ambitious goal sets us up for failure, and obscures the fact that the battle against climate change won't be won in a decade, or even two — it will last for the foreseeable future and beyond.
...The spoils of this fight will be a world that will perhaps be less worse off than it would have been had nothing been done. What we most need is time to make these changes, but that's what we've squandered. If only someone else had been President these past eight years — someone like, well, Al Gore."


  1. Gore is a very inspirational person, with a great message. He really caused a lot of people to wake up and see that we can't continue exploiting the planet and not suffer the consequences of our actions. I just can't get over the fact he buys carbon offsets from his own company. And I don't think cap and trade carbon taxes make much sense when India and China are on their way (if not already are) to being the biggest consumers of energy and producers of carbon emissions. I commend the man for his energy and passion, but I don't think his motives are entirely altuistic. But so far he's the best voice for the planet we have- I just wish he wasn't a politician and businessman.


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