I'm published!

My first article, which I co-wrote with a colleague, has finally been published in the latest issue of Library Hi Tech. My article is "Exploring faculty experiences with e-books: a focus group." Unless you're affiliated with a university that subscribes to this journal, however, you probably can't access the full-text of the article at this link.

Of course, being the Collections and Scholarly Communications librarian, it's my responsibility to lead by example, so I want to mention that one of the reasons we picked Library Hi Tech for our article submission was because Emerald is a Green OA publisher. While I signed away all my copyrights (which I don't plan to do again), I do maintain the rights to use my article how I wish, and to archive it in an institutional or disciplinary repository. I've just deposited it in our fledgling KnowledgeNet, ASU's repository, so that you, my gentle readers, can read the post-print to your heart's desire if you so choose.

I have also deposited it in E-LIS (direct link to be added later), a library and information science repository, just to provide greater access.
Update: It's up on E-LIS!

It's already been mentioned (by name!) in the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog. I can't wait to see what kind of response we get, if any. I'm pretty excited about the whole thing!

Meanwhile, here's today's cat picture - while we were cat-sitting our cat-in-law, Arnie, we had some interesting situations.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, o published academic! :) Nothing says "acceptance" like a journal article with your name on it, hot off the press.

  2. Nothing can be taken away from the joy of being able to look yourself up on the card catalog. Woo.

    Also, the unicorn bears a deep resemblance to one that I had, not surprising.


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