My week so far

It's been a really busy week for me, as once again our approval vendor representative was visiting. We had to suspend our approval plan in March, and due to continuing budgetary constraints, the purpose of this visit was to hopefully figure out some way to continue to buy at least some books next year. We also visited the other campus libraries to talk about their plans, which have not been suspended. My responsibility is to understand the overall picture across all 4 campuses, and each time we do this, I learn so much more about collection development, budgeting, planning, and assessment. Even though it means a busy few days, it's one of my favorite parts of my job.

The video for the Libray Channel episode I hosted is now up on the Internet Archive. I'm trying to embed the video here, but here's the link as well, just in case.

I don't know if I will be in any future Library Channel programs, but I learned a lot about dos and don'ts from watching this video! Do: smile more, face the camera more, and prepare better questions in advance. Don't: tilt my head about so much, avoid bizarre word emphases ("ball ROOM"). It was fun, though, and I hope to be involved again sometime.

We're going to Ireland in 11 days! W00t!

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