May's theme, Mother

I'm ashamed to say that I finished reading my May book - Erma Bombeck's Motherhood, the Second Oldest Profession weeks ago, but am just now writing about it. This is still the earliest I've posted my BAMC review, though, so that's something.

I was drawn to this book because my grandmother used to read Erma Bombeck books, and my own mother and aunt did as well. I picked up a few of her books when I was still too young to really get some of the humor - at 13, you don't really understand about pantyhose - but I still recognized and enjoyed Bombeck's unassuming and down to earth voice.

Motherhood is a quick read, a collection of vignettes, letters, and essays about a variety of mothers - be they first time mothers, supermoms, soccer moms, career moms, step-moms and stay-at-home fathers. Some of them are heartwarming, and some of them make me feel deeply grateful that I do not have children, but throughout the book there is an understanding and realistic respect for mothers.

Bombeck definitely has a way with words - and when preparing to write this review I ran across a webpage of quotes from this book. Take a look, get a quick sense of the book, then go pick it up and read it. It's really the perfect book to read when you're busy - the chapters are perfectly sized to read between loads of laundry.