Well, the house is clean, the bags are packed (mine weighs in at 15 lbs, with an extra 4 for my purse), the cats were conveyed to the in-laws without incident, albeit unhappily. Nothing left to do but relax, try to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, and hope we didn't forget anything tomorrow.

I'm not planning to be online much, if at all. However, any updates I do make will be sent to my twitter feed, if you are desolate without me.

See you all in a couple weeks!


  1. 15lbs? That's it?! That is amazing. I think when I went to the UK my bag weighed like 45. I hope you have a wonderful time, I wish you great weather and lots of leisurely beer/whiskey drinking. Cheers!

  2. I honestly can't remember how much mine weighed. I know the second time I went it was way heavy, but I was staying for longer. Have tons of fun, and drink much beer and whiskey...not that I need tell you to.

  3. I found that I packed enough clothes - what I really missed were my books.

    Plus, I didn't have any costumes or anything to weigh me down! ;-)


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