Photography experimentation

So, I know it's cliche (at least, according to various real photography communities), but I'm still a n00b when it comes to photography and I still think macro shots are pretty nifty. Chris got a lovely bouquet for Teacher Appreciation Day, and flowers are some of my favorite subjects:
Teacher Appreciation

So, here I go crazy with macros:

Tulip heart

And here, someone is feeling awfully left out of the proceedings:
(again, using a macro setting).


  1. Oh no. The Anime eyes from Charlie. Oh the guilt...

    Apparently, am behind in the camera community also as I have no idea what macros are. Am sensing it's a digital camera thing as opposed to a film camera thing.

    Do any of you have any suggestions about getting a new camera, like a recc. on a digital camera or whatever? I have a wedding am going to and would like/need a new camera?

    The fleurs look pretty...

  2. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W50, which I like very much. It's very easy to use, cute and slick, and the price is very reasonable. Since Sony is releasing a new generation of Cybershots this spring, I'd recommend the new DSC-W120 or W130. They even come in pretty colors!

  3. I love macro pics, even if they are cliche. Also, best cat pic yet!


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