Odds and Ends

Back from the annual band trip for the Forum Music Festival and Disneyland excursion. The kids played well, receiving silver ratings for both band and orchestra. They were, of course, hoping for golds for both - but that's the way performance goes. Sometimes you're on, and sometimes you're not.

Disneyland was tons of fun, even though moving these kids through the park is like herding cats. Really bouncy ones. It's so fun to enjoy the park, with them, though - I don't know if I'd enjoy it so much just with adults.

Penny Arcade has announced the winners of their short story contest. I didn't win, or garner any particular notice, but it was fun, nonetheless.

Not much going on, but lots of data to pull at work, so I'd better get back to it. The semester has been racing by - only 2 weeks until finals, only 1 month until Chris is out of school, and only 56 days until our Ireland trip!