Happy Earth Day!


I really feel that over the past year, especially, Green or sustainable living has become much more mainstream. I can't help but be optimistic that this trend will continue, and become even more so. I love how nearly every day in the newspaper, there is some article or op-ed about environmental issues.

This morning, there was a list of some green websites, so I thought I'd share:
I regret that I have to drive today, because I have a TechTalk meeting in the far flung reaches of the Valley. I think I'll try harder to carpool with someone in the future, but since none of my co-workers attend regularly, it'll be tricky.

Our latest green change is to be more careful about phantom power draws. We now unplug our electrical adapters when they're not in use (charging phones, batteries, the Nintendo DS, etc.), and we turn off the power strip for the entertainment system (TV, Xbox, Wii, stereo, etc) unless we're using it. This was Chris' idea, and I was happy to go along! We haven't included the computers with this, because we use the wi-fi quite a bit - but I think we could turn off the power strips when we're not home.

A very rambling post, so I apologize. But I hope you'll take a moment on this Earth Day to do 2 things:
  1. Try to make 1 permanent green change to your lifestyle - it doesn't need to be big, every little bit helps.
  2. Take pleasure in the natural beauty that surrounds us - no matter where you live, there is something beautiful - a tree, a flower, a mountain, a cactus, a blade of grass, even a pigeon. Whatever you can appreciate, do so.
We live in such a beautiful, wonderful, awesome world, but it's entirely too easy to forget and take it for granted. Today, open your eyes and see.


  1. Just today my coworkers and I were admiring the colorful desert blooms that are abundant right now. It's amazing what vibrant colors can occur in nature!

    That phantom power draw is something I keep meaning to pay attention to, then promptly forget. I'll make an effort to voice it to the roommate tonight and therefore start paying attention to what can be unplugged. Good reminder, thanks!


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