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Today's Penny Arcade comic cracked me up - despite the fact that I have little love for the WoW card game (though maybe I should give it another try), I do have great love for both World of Warcraft and table-top RPGs in general.

However, the P-A crew are offering a contest, which I'm tempted to enter just for X-51 Nether Rocket alone (though gawd knows if I will EVER reach level 70 and be able to have a flying mount). In any case, the contest sounds like fun:
"you must write a short story, set in World of Warcraft, and this story must be precisely ten words long."

You mail it to Gabriel with the subject line "Ten Words", by April 10th. Examples are:

His father's sword, shattered to the hilt, fell like stars.

It doesn't have to be especially epic, it merely needs to ring true. For example:

"Help," he cried. "My dick is stuck in this Treant!"

If I come up with a good story, I'll enter. If I come up with ANY stories, I'll post 'em here - it's just too much fun to waste on a contest.

Anyone else? We could start a meme here...


  1. Okay - I submitted one.

    Ice dances around her hands, a deadly ballet. She smiles.

  2. I thought of two more, which could either be taken together or separately.

    As the sheep ambled to and fro, she laughed helplessly.

    Being able to turn foes into sheep never gets old.


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