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I stayed home sick on Friday, which sucked, but the cats thought it was the best thing ever. I spent most of the weekend on the couch with one or the other or both piled on me like their own personal heated cushion. If they had their druthers, I would stay home all the time so that they could sleep on me. They were very resentful when I left for work this morning - Kitty kept trying to jump into my lap at breakfast when I was trying to gulp down my coffee and leave. Poor neglected babies!


  1. Oh, the cuteness....

    And how neat your bed looks. And how symmetrical the cats look.

    Ali sprawls across the bed and is curled up on the futon at the moment.

  2. The white and brown cat on the flickr part of your blog is so cute I am swooning from the cuteness.

  3. Yeah, I had to take the picture because they were so symmetrical. They stayed like that all afternoon...


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