25 March 07
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March is one of my favorite months of the year. The weather this past week has been delightful - breezy, sunny, and warm. This weekend we opened up both doors to let the spring winds blow through the house and flush out all the stale, winter air. It's so peaceful in the afternoon, listening to the wind in the trees, the music of our wind chimes, as the cats lie in the sun at the door. I'm always tempted to just lie down next to them and watch the tree branches dance.

It'll gradually warm up this month, the flowers are already starting to bloom, the grass is greening up already. In the next couple of weeks, the citrus trees will bloom and the perfume of their blossoms will permeate the air - it's almost like the whole Valley smells like citrus! It's terribly hard to be inside at all, these days.


  1. You actually make Phoenix sound nice! I'm excited to come down there this weekend and see what you're talking about.


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