One ridiculous and one delightful.

Red Ring:
Our Xbox 360 displayed the Red Ring of Death on the morning of December 24th just as Chris was gleefully settling in for some much-needed holiday gaming. We shipped the console, power supply, and power cord, as instructed, to Microsoft Repair on December 26th. They sent us a replacement console on January 14th - however, they neglected to send the power supply and cord. Several calls to customer service later, the power supply arrived yesterday (February 14). Without the power cord! After spending an hour and a half on the phone with 3 different people, they say they are sending the power cord and it should arrive in 10-14 business days. I was lobbying to get credited for our Xbox Live subscriptions for the last month, and they offered me a free game. Great. I'm not sure getting Xbox Live Arcade games for free is worth the 90 minutes sitting on hold clinging to sanity while listening to the most inane techno music ever, but sit I did.

Why does Microsoft hate me? I've always been, if not a fan, supportive of Microsoft in general and the Xbox in particular. I don't deserve to be treated this way. I've never seen such incompetence for a simple repair.

We went to Fry's and bought a power cord, which Chris altered with many sharp tools to fit the power supply. It seems to work. I have very little faith that the power cord will actually arrive in 10-14 business days, since it took a month to get the power supply.

I have the Best Husband Ever!
We went to dinner last night at Aunt Chilada's, and while sitting in a cozy corner sipping some delicious margaritas, Chris tells me he has some big news for me. I brace myself, and he says that he's made plans for a trip to Ireland this summer. He's already bought plane tickets, made a few lodging reservations, and intends for us to bike around the Ring of Kerry. He's been keeping this a secret for months!

I'll take ring number 2, please!


  1. No freaking way! You lucky cat!! That is so cool. That is the best V-day surprise I have ever heard of.

  2. I am so jealous. I don't think my husband could keep anything like that a secret from me, so the surprise would feel extreme.

    You must blog, or moblog, or photoblog, or something while you're there! I can't wait to hear about what Ireland is like!

  3. Very, very cool. :). Go Chris...

    I liked Ireland a lot way back in '93 or '94 when I was there. Have been looking at some of the pictures and realize that the sisters of my friends who were probably 10-12 at the time are probably in grad. school or work or whatever by now.



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