Gratuitous navel gazing

Yesterday, I spent most of my day writing my annual self review, which made me think of a meme that's floating around the biblioblogosphere: Why did I become a librarian?

Well, I kind of fell into it. While I was working on my Bachelor's of Music in Guitar Performance, I was a student worker at the Music Library. As I got closer to graduation, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with myself: I clearly wasn't going to be a rock star, and I realized that I just don't have the drive or passion about music to make a living at it. I love music, and playing guitar, but I haven't practiced in months. Obviously not the right way to go.

Similarly, I realized that I crave stability - even if I did want to try to earn a living as a musician, it would mean all sorts of odd gigs, private lessons, etc. No regular hours, no benefits, no retirement. As I was pondering all these things, I also knew that I loved my job at the Music Library. I loved working with students, I loved the organization, I loved the people I worked with. I just wanted to work there forever.

Sadly, graduating made me ineligible for a student worker position and there were no staff openings. I managed to get hired in ILL at the main library, and there I stayed. After wavering back and forth for over 2 years, I started work on my MLS - still hoping that eventually I'd get a job back at the Music Library as a librarian. I graduated in 2005, got a temporary position in Acquisitions in 2006, and then my current position in Collections & Scholarly Communications that summer. Not exactly the path I'd meant to take.

Why am I still a librarian?

Well, clearly I haven't been a librarian for very long - and I'm still not sure which direction I'm going. I haven't completely let go of my desire to be a Music Librarian, but since that will probably require another Masters degree in music at the least, it won't happen very soon (not that I wouldn't love to get a Masters in Musicology, but I'm still sick of school and not thrilled about the prospect of working AND going to school full-time again - I really like my free time). Regardless of where I end up, I'm sure that being a librarian is what I want to do. There are so many wonderful, terrifying, inspiring, frustrating, stimulating, thought-provoking aspects to this profession, I'd be foolish to give it up. And, you know, I like the regular schedule.

For a completely different meme, my birth opera was Tosca.
Updated: Oops, the database doesn't have a permalink to the opera. Here's the info:

[Met Performance] CID:249470
Tosca {613} New York, Bronx, Van Cortlandt Park: 06/22/1977.

New York, Bronx, Van Cortlandt Park
June 22, 1977
In Concert

TOSCA {613}

Tosca...................Gilda Cruz-Romo
Cavaradossi.............Giuseppe Giacomini
Scarpia.................Louis Quilico
Sacristan...............Richard Best
Spoletta................Paul Franke
Angelotti...............Andrij Dobriansky
Sciarrone...............Gene Boucher
Shepherd................Robert Sapolsky [First appearance]
Jailer..................Andrij Dobriansky

Conductor...............Richard Woitach

Also, The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet by Daniel J. Solove is available free, full-text, online. Sounds like required reading to me.