Spring 2008

Today was the first day of Spring semester, so the campus was once again flooded by students. Last week it was like a ghost town, the contrast is always a little striking.

We continued our popular "Lost Tables" in front of Hayden and Noble Libraries to help students navigate their way around campus. It was a good thing, too, as ASU had apparently decided to randomly rename various buildings mid-year. I volunteered for an hour and a half, and as always, enjoyed helping the students. It's very satisfactory to make a positive first contact, and the students love free highlighters and directions to their classes.

It'll be a busy semester, I'm signed up to teach 2 instruction sessions already. Last semester was my first attempt at a real information literacy instruction, and I can definitely use some more experience. Teaching is not technically part of my position, but I think it's an important skill and helps us collections or tech services librarians to remember who we're working for.

Thought I'd pull up a retro cat picture for today: