Enjoying a long weekend

It's been a nice weekend, made even nicer by having an extra day off. I think that all weekends should be 3 days - there's so many errands and house/yard work to be done on the weekend, in addition to any socializing we might want to do, that it's hard to cram it all in. With 3 days, it fits pretty well. Saturday we mostly sat around being anti-social (after the errands had been run), yesterday we did house work and visited my in-laws. Today we've gotten the oil changed on the car, gotten Chris a haircut, cleaned up the yard, and will go for a little hike this afternoon, and have dinner with some friends. All in all, very satisfying. We are still unable to play the Xbox, since the repair center shipped it back without the power cable. My attempts to engineer a power source consisting of a cat-sized hamster wheel to be run by Charlie chasing some dot of light have been thwarted by my complete lack of engineering skills. And the fact that Charlie gets bored really quickly, so would not chase a dot of light for any useful length of time.

I've gotten my early ballot for the primary election on February 5th. I haven't quite made up my mind about who to support - I'm wavering still between Obama and Clinton. I'll be reading up on all the candidates this week. I'll list my sources, but the obvious, easy one is Project Vote Smart.

Today's cat picture is courtesy of Chris - he always gets the really good shots.


  1. How are you coping/living without the Xbox?? I am surprised I haven't heard a keeling cry in the wind from your neighborhood. Trans. not my thing, but my empathy is there.


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