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I've been putting off all sorts of links I'd like to share, so here they are in one convenient posting:
  • Mr Green debunks a popular belief that the hybrid batteries (primarily for Toyota's Prius) are worse for the environment that Hummers. We've talked about this a little here before. Granted, Mr. Green might be a little biased against Hummers - but so am I, and this is my blog. :-)
  • One Laptop Per Child is giving specially created laptops to children in developing countries. Now through December 31st, if you donate a laptop for a child, you'll receive one of your own (for a child in your life) for free. Benefits to yourself or no, this is a great way to spread some holiday cheer around the world. We are so blessed with riches in this country, we don't even comprehend how good we've got it most of the time.
  • Full episodes of the the Australian show The Librarians are available online for your viewing pleasure.
  • Has anyone used Mobipocket? I'm thinking about downloading it for my phone, once I get a new memory card, for reading e-books.
  • Finally, I've decided that I'm going to join the Book A Month challenge for 2008 - each month they pick a theme, and I'll read a related book and post a review of it. I am not much of a critic or book reviewer, but I think it'll be fun nonetheless - especially of some of my blogging buddies join me - Kerry? Barb? Havi? Jen? Mar? You know you want to...


  1. I like mobipocket to use on a phone. The problem is that many e-books aren't in mobipocket. If you were to use overdrive, you could only get around 300 books in that format. If you just use adobe reader for pdas, then you have access to over 10,000. The problem is that it looks like reading a big document report. I got used to it, but mobipocket is more like a book with page turning.

  2. I use mobipocket. It's good for novels, not for manuals or textbooks. Has some nice features. Also, Baen (the publishing house) has a few of their titles free at Mostly scifi, a bit of fantasy, if you're into that sort of thing. ;-)

  3. I think I'll sign up for the BAM challenge, it sounds fun. I'll tell Havilah about it too.

  4. Jeff, thanks for the comment. I think I read on Lifehacker that you can import free online books (and other text files) into Mobipocket. I'll investigate that further before I do anything, but since it's free...

    Master J0n3z, that's awesome! I'll look forward to reading books with you! Especially Sci fi/Fantasy books from Baen....on my phone. :-)

  5. Of course I'm in for the Book a Month Challenge! Thanks for the link.

  6. I'm going to sign up for the BAM challenge too. I haven't read for pleasure in years...with the exceptions of Harry Potter books and reading I did on maternity leave. I am finally done with school books!


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