Catch up

As usual, I've been about 2 weeks behind on uploading pictures - but totally caught up as of now.

I started uploading December pictures in my "Year of Pictures" set, and realized I'm almost done with this project! I've missed tons of days (I'm at 281 of 365), but still have taken more pictures than ever before. I'm not sure, either, if I've really learned anything about digital photography, but it's been pretty fun. As you can see, lots of pictures of cats and sunsets - things I see all the time. (As an FYI, this set is generating the pictures on the sidebar).

I mentioned to Havi that I'd post some of the handmade ornaments that I have on my tree - so here they are in their native habitat:
1 Dec 07
The beaded bell, wreath, and icicles were given to me as a wedding gift, made by my Great-Aunt Harriet, who used to make them with her sister, my Grandmother. Both of them are no longer with us, but I reverently think of them every year when I put up my tree. The white and red balls were made by my living Aunt Lorraine, shortly after I got my own tree and needed ornaments. She gave me a good dozen, which, along with the ornaments given to Chris by his mother, neatly smother our tree. It's one of my favorite things about Christmas, and I won't upgrade to a bigger tree unless I get A)so many ornaments that they won't all fit on my little 5-footer, and B)a bigger house.

But I know why you're really here - it's Monday, and you need a cat picture. I gotcha covered:
1 Dec 07 bonus


  1. OMG, I am awash with cuteness of the Charlie.


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