Haunting the Library

Many of my friends at work were dressing up as stereotypical "old fashioned" librarians yesterday, but after ransacking my closet I realized that I had absolutely NOTHING that would work. So, I decided to be a man-brarian (or guybrarian, librariman, or libratorr, whichever you prefer):

I've never dressed like a man before, and it was quite fun. Despite my penchant for wearing elaborate costumes, I've never had quite the reaction before as I did throughout the day. Apparently my gender-bending is much more entertaining than being a sorceress, for example. Plus, it was pretty comfortable. Next time I try it, though, I'll include some more nerdy librarian accessories - perhaps a catalog card in the breast pocket with golf pencils, or a stamp hanging out of a pocket. Most people thought I was just wearing a zoot suit (my mustache probably only reinforced that misconception).

I raced home after marimba rehearsal to hand out candy, but I was too late for the hordes. I had only a handful of trick-or-treaters, and closed up shop completely by 9:00. My jack-o-lantern was pretty cute, though, if I do say so myself:

We usually get a lot of kids, so I'd really stocked up on the candy. Luckily, working at a university means that student workers are easily available and always ready for free food.


  1. Cool! I don't think I would have recognized you! :)


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