Getting ready to go

While it is still in the 90s during the day, this morning was cool enough to chill my arms on my ride into work. I was going in a little earlier than usual to go to the gym, and the sun was still newly risen. I passed by a large German Shepherd mix running in his yard just for the joy of it, watched by his grinning owner who was sipping a cup of coffee. It was a great morning.

I'm all checked in for my flight tomorrow, and have packed up all my conference stuff - schedule with sessions I'm interested in marked, presentation outline, extra business cards, address and directions to my hotel, etc. Soon I'll be going home to pack up the rest of my things.

Chris is dropping me off early at the airport tomorrow morning, and I'll be traveling most of the day. My only plans in the evening tomorrow are just checking in at the conference, and wandering around a little. The rest of the week will be jam-packed, but I doubt not that I'll be blogging away - the hotel promises free wifi, so all is well. As a point of contrast, the forecast for Charleston, SC is for highs around 60 and lows around 40. Brrr...I'd better pack a jacket!

On a completely different topic, check out this video co-produced by ASU about taxonomy. As a little side note, at time marker 4:48, you'll see a lovely shot of my home, aka place of work.


  1. That was a cute video. Happy conferencing! Bring back lots of free library-ish promotional items!

  2. What a creepy, odd video. Hugh Downs rocks, but cybertaxonomy? Weird thing to be promoting. I like the people who come up to Bob, they are pretty funny.


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