Charleston - Wednesday

Well, I'm safely in Charleston after a nearly uneventful flight (note
to self: thoroughly search bags I haven't used for a while for
TSA-prohibited items BEFORE packing). I had a trnsfer at Houston and
was somewhat bemused by the dead cow décor. I arrived at my hotel to
find a warm cookie and and an array of coffee and tea in my room. I'm
happily within a 10 minute walk of the conference hotel. Yes, this is
how things ought to be!

It's amazing what a difference a little experience makes when
traveling. I remember enough from last year that I can comfortably
navigate the downtown area - I revisited the jewelry store I
discovered last year, ate dinner at a very personable little
restaurant, checked in at the conference, and enjoyed the nice cool

Now I'm back at the hotel, watching Charlie's Angels II. What more
more could I ask?

Other than being home...
...and free wifi, which is NOT provided by the hotel - looks like this
post will wait until I find a hotspot.


  1. Hope all stays pleasant and interesting and that you have eventful meals!

  2. Charlie's Angels II, hunh? I have a tendency to watch very, very trashy movies while at conferences and at hotels. Charlie's Angels II is probably better than some of the ones I watched. I remember watching Caddyshack II while in Muncie and Your Boyfriend's Back (about a boy coming back from the dead to take his girlfriend to the prom) in New York. I didn't finish Caddyshack II, as I left when I realized I was getting sucked in by a bad sequel.

    Hope the flight back is good. And the fried green tomatoes and the bread pudding sounds sublime.


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