Charleston - Thursday

Turns out my hotel doesn't serve a free breakfast either. I won't be
staying here again-woman cannot live on free cokies alone! Luckily the
conference offers a continental selection. I would have preferred to
eat at the hotel, though, so I'm not trying to visit and network while
chewing. Oh well.

Took a break at lunch to go back to the hotel for my jacket (I'm such
a Phoenician, I thought I wouldn't need it during the day), and spent
some time looking for free wifi. Yeah, the conference hotel doesn't
have it either. Sadly, by the time I found a Breuggar's that offers
it, it was time to head back for the next session. But at least I
know and can head over there for a juice later, and go for coffee
tomorrow morning.

My friend from Murray State is staying in a nearby hotel that has free
wifi AND serves breakfast, so I'm making a note to stay there next
year. Soon I'll have this conference thing down!

The rest of day was very busy and informative - I'll have to summarize
my thoughts later, there's just so much to digest. After the last
session of the day, I wandered with my friend around downtown, looking
at the incredible architecture and squirrels for a couple hours before
the reception.

The reception itself was a blast - they had an oyster roast (which I
tried and greatly amused some natives with my n00bness - I'm not used
to actually foraging for my food), fantastc barbequed pork, saffron
rice, and squash casserole. Oh, and free beer & wine. We had a great