Charleston - Friday thus far

This morning I had a 7:00 breakfast with YBP, OCLC, and a bunch of
other librarians to discuss possible enhancements to the WorldCat
Collection Analysis product. It was an interesting discussion, and as
always I really enjoy talking with my colleagues and understanding a
little about how we all deal differently with the same situations.

This morning's speakers were very thought-provoking, and my thumbs
almost couldn't keep up with all the note taking! I'm grateful for
the word completion my precious offers me (I do seem to be the only
one taking notes on a mobile). Again, I'll have to summarize later,
but blogging is a good incentive to actually review all these notes
I'm so painstakingly taking, so rest assured I WILL post later.

I've just had lunch at Brueggar's and am taking advantage of their
free wifi to post and go through email. This afternoon will be full
of sessions (it's really hard to choose!), and my own panel is in the
last timeslot of the day.

Tonight, our YBP rep is taking me (and others) to dinner at a nice
restaurant. I'm looking forward to some stimulating conversation,
delicious southern food (I'm seizing the chance for fresh seafood!),
and nice wine!

I'm especially looking forward to wearing my tennis shoes and jeans
tomorrow, and longing for the journey home. My next post will
probably be from the airport. Huzzah!