I took my bike in to the shop for its annual tune-up this week and got it back yesterday. Have I mentioned how much I love my bike? I'm reminded of this when a) I have to ride the bus home, which is always a chore, and b) It's so nice and smooth when I get it back.

I've been riding this bike for 4 years this fall, and I put a lot of miles on it: 45 miles/week on average, most of the year. A conservative estimate of mileage is 8100 over 4 years. It's held up really well - I got a new seat and seat post this week, but otherwise just typical maintenance.

I love being able to ride my bike for my commute - I haven't had to drive to work for about 10 years. (Well, I do occasionally drive in if I have errands and such, but not on a daily basis.) People often ask me how I do it, and wow, do I still ride in the summer, and my only answer is you get used to it. I don't know how people spend hours in the car every day, but I'm sure after a while you don't even think about it.

Nearly every day, though, I do think about it - I can't help it, as I ride past clogged traffic, accidents, free with the breeze blowing past me, coasting down hills, and admiring sunrises and sunsets. I'm so lucky!


  1. Oooh ooh oooooh! I have a Marin too! Of course its only use these days is rolling down and struggling up the hill to the gym twice a week at about 1/3 mile each way.

    You are lucky, truly, to live in a place where bicycle riding is accepted as part of the culture - even if not everyone does it. I really miss that about Tucson.

  2. You ARE totally lucky. I loved riding my bike to work. Even in the summer it wasn't so bad. Not half as bad as getting into a hot car- by the time the AC starts blowing cold you're practically home.

  3. You are very lucky - It took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get home yesterday. And that's an average commute.

  4. I have the same feelings about my bicycle--every time I see it, it warms my heart. Isn't that funny? That's why I still think IT WOULD BE SO COOL if you could have a bicycle for a mount in WoW.

  5. I liked riding to work too, but after having two bikes stolen in less than a couple months, I'm too pissed to buy another one. Stupid Tempe bicycle theives. If you're going to steal something, I say steal something that's worth stealing...not my crappy bike! Also, riding in the rain is horrendous...I always tried to avoid it at all costs. Dirty water in my eyes and mud all over my back? No thank you. Okay, I'm done with the ranting now. :)


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