Would you like some chivalry with that?

Just some fun Friday morning thoughts. I'm dressed a little snazzily today (including some awesome pants I recently bought, I can't tell you how awesome I think these pants are), and decided to ride the bus. I was the last one to get on at my stop, and the last seat was just taken. My bus is typically packed with high school students in the morning, which usually means I stand until their stop, but a nice young man offered me his seat right away. I thanked him and gladly took it - I'm wearing shoes that aren't exactly the most steady for lurching around on the bus.

I sit down, and swap out my sunglasses for my regular glasses. I get out this month's American Libraries, the cover of which could easily be mistaken for Highlights Magazine. I feel exceedingly nerdy and librarianish, despite the awesome pants. I briefly wonder what these oh-so-cool high school students think, but dismiss it from my mind - in reality, they saw me get on the bus, decided I was too old to be in high school (I admit, I don't look like I'm in high school any more), and took no more notice of me.

I'm glad it's Friday, it's cool and cloudy, and I feel peaceful as I read my nerdy magazine with my nerdy frizzy hair and glasses, but wearing my totally awesome pants.


  1. Yay for awesome pants! Does a picture of them exist on some shopping website? :)

    I love the feeling of dressing up snazzily...I just hate the effort of doing it sometimes.

  2. You know, I looked, but I can't find the exact pants. I did get them from Ann Taylor Loft.

    They are wide legged and very swishy. I love it!

  3. I want some awesome pants! I like the wide-legged variety, but not exactly sure what swishy pants are like.


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