Un-Comfortably Numb

Man, the last week or so has just been crazy, but I think things are slowing down for me again. I was at the dentist this morning for a filling, so the whole left side of my face and tongue feels like it's about the size of New Hampshire. Fortunately, I don't have any reason to talk to anyone until after work today, so I should be okay. But I'm having some serious drinking problems...I had to go get a straw from the cafe.

I'm on a hiring committee (as always) and we've been interviewing the last few weeks. This means days devoted to the candidate and a few dinners. I don't mind the dinners at all - I'm not going to complain about free food and interesting conversation. But it does mean I haven't been home a lot in the evenings. Chris has also been busy with multiple open houses at school, so we've been like strangers passing in the night.

Monday I drove the library vanpool to Flagstaff for our fall AULC (Arizona University Libraries Consortium) meeting at NAU. We left hella early at 6:00 AM, but it was a beautiful morning, an uneventful drive, and nice as always to meet with our other colleagues. Cline Library is such a lovely building, I'm always consumed with jealousy when we go. Sadly, I didn't have any time to visit my friend Jones, who works at NAU. We were on the road back to Phoenix by 1:30, and I got home by 4:30. A lot of driving, and I was wiped out.

Tuesday, I had 2 instruction sessions for ENG 105 classes. I'd been working with one of our instruction librarians on the curriculum for the assignment, so had a great outline and activities planned. Unfortunately, I was pretty tired still from Monday and not nearly as energetic as usual. I'm also not used to such a planned instruction session - I've always had a very rough outline and done a lot of improvisation for the class, which I'm pretty good at being informative AND entertaining. But now that I'm thinking about it, most of my instruction has been on library services and resources, not so much on information literacy (we were talking about evaluating information and developing criteria). To make a long story short, I was dragging and I bored the snot out of these poor kids. It didn't help that the classroom got very stuffy and hot for the last class - all my feedback forms said "Air Conditioning" for suggestions on making the class better. Anyway, I'm not discouraged, but I definitely feel like I could use some more practice delivering this type of instruction before I'll be very good at it.

Last week also finished up an online class I was taking on Outcomes-Based Evaluation and Planning. Between that and the Second Life class, I was pretty busy for about a month on those activities. I'm really relieved to have them both finished.

Finally, today and tomorrow I can actually concentrate on my job, Friday we'll have our last interview for THIS position, and then I'll be free, FREE for at least a couple of weeks to work on my regular work projects. Yay!


  1. Hooray for freedom! I had missed our link exchanges and chat over the past few days.


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