Little Things

25 March 07
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It's the little things in life that bring me joy:
Looking at the pattern of leafy shadows on the floor
The feel of Kitty's paws when she sits on my lap, the blue of her eyes
The grin that Chris gives me when I come home from work
Sunsets, every day
Coffee, sweet coffee, the smell, the taste
Comics in the morning paper
Charlie purring, golden and warm, on my chest, his nose tucked into my collar bone
Coasting on my bike down the hill towards home

An embarrassment of riches, but too often taken for granted.


  1. Well said. Right now I'm appreciating the fact that I have a heated footstand under my desk at work. No more frozen toes for me and I am sooooo grateful.

  2. Beautiful, Anali.

  3. oh, I am so with you on the coffee...


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