Just a little peace, if you please

10 May 2007
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Busy week, busy weekend, and a busy day today. Not really in the mood for blogging, but here's a Kitty picture at Katy's request. A normal sight, especially when I'm cleaning the house.

Okay, the beer in the fridge is calling to me.


  1. Muchas Gracias!!

    She is a very dignified old dame. I love her coloring.

  2. Sorry you've been feeling un-blog-y lately. I know the feeling! BTW, I have read Sunshine and found it to be terribly, terribly dull. Hopefully you'll find it more interesting than I did. My computer died yesterday, so no WOW for a while. So sad.

  3. It IS pretty dull, I have to say. I'm almost done though, and I am curious to see the ending.

    Kitty is a gorgeous cat, there is no doubt about it. And she knows it, too...

  4. I love your sautillo tile, BTW.


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