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I was sad to learn on Friday about Madeline L'Engle's death. She is one of my favorite authors of all time, and her books were singularly responsible for getting me through the 8th grade without sinking into a deep, dark depression. I escaped daily into her worlds for the entire year, and somehow emerged into 9th grade still whole. I will need to re-read all her books now in tribute. Keep an eye on the Library Thing widget to keep up.

This weekend, Chris handed down to me his iPod, since it's now been replaced in his heart by his iPhone. I've been using his old Creative Zen (which he handed down to me when he got the iPod), and I've never liked it much. So, Saturday I spent a good 5 hours at the computer, formatting my music library into iTunes and syncing up the iPod to make it my own. While I was at it, I made a playlist called "Highschool Faves," which is comprised of a huge mix of songs, some of which I've had on the cZen for a long time, but never listened to because I was too lazy to ever make a playlist and they were random singles. I must say, I know iTunes has its flaws, but it is a lot better than the cZen library. And I've never been a big Apple fan, but I like how the iPod actually turns on right away instead of taking a minute to boot up, and I like how it's thin and fits in my pocket.

This morning I put it to the test as I went to the gym. I love going to the gym. I was running on the treadmill when the theme from "Mission Impossible" came on (from the first movie, the remixed version). I was in a good stride, and I really got in the groove, and imagined myself on a secret mission, running, with my own soundtrack. It was shortly followed by Green Jelly's "Three Little Pigs," which was just as much fun. I had such a blast working out this morning, and I feel awesome today. Maybe I should start going to the gym more than twice a week.


  1. I dug my three-year old iPod (B&W screen) out yesterday and it felt ancient. Still worked well for listening to music in the lab, though.

    I've used iTunes for years and I can't find anything better. My library is mostly DRM-free MP3s. Unless you buy lots of things from the iTunes music store, I don't think there's any reason to worry about DRM in your library.

  2. What is DRM? It sounds like familiar. And it might be one of those things that's not an issue with macs.

    Sadly, I've not upgraded to either.

    I do have i-tunes though.

    Here is one of my high school mixes. I also have a love one and a college one. Both of which have songs that I defend in the following way: I was 16 or 20. Air Supply is the one that springs to mind.

    18 and life Skid Row
    Hazy Shade Of Winter Bangles
    Wild Boys Duran Duran
    What I am Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
    Valley Girl Frank Zappa
    Centerfold J Geils Band
    We Don't Need Another Hero Tina Turner
    The Boys Of Summer Ataris
    Paradise City GNR
    Invincible (Theme from Billie Jean) Pat Benatar
    Voices Carry 'Til Tuesday
    Sister Christian night ranger
    Weird Science Oingo Boingo
    1985 Bowling for Soup
    Kyrie Mr. Mister
    True Faith New Order
    Rock & Roll High School Ramones

  3. GREEN JELLY!!! I had totally forgotten about them. Now I know what I am searching limewire for tonight. Time to introduce some poor freshman to "Sh*tman"

  4. Um. I wasn't talking up the DRM-free iTunes Music Store files, although they are good. I have used iTunes as a media manager for ages and I can't find any better software for that.

    I buy my MP3s from "Russian sites" - so while I am probably contributing to piracy (though I'm not in the US, nyeh nyeh RIAA!) I'm still paying for a high-quality DRM-free MP3 file with good metadata. It's just way cheaper than iTunes, like $2-3 for an album. It's a really nice way to buy single songs as well.

    Whoops, now my secret's out! ;)


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