Oh, the Fluff!

17 Aug 07

I wanted to capture the look of utter ennui that had been on Charlie's face - very uncharacteristic for our loud, needy baby of a cat. But of course, once I got out the camera he began to show mild interest. Now he just looks fairly content.

Mamma Mia was everything you'd think a musical based on ABBA songs would be - irreverant, simple, and a lot of fun. I've been dancing around to Gimme Gimme Gimme ever since. And now you can too. This is why YouTube is the best invention ever!


  1. Such a proud creature!! On our daily walk pass a home with TWO orange tabbies. They look at my dogs with such contept. They think they rule not only their block but the whole neighborhood. I named the Fluffy one "Charles" (after your boy) and the short haired one "Bruce." Not sure why I chose that name. Anyhoo, Charlie is a stunning creature as he rules over his bench.


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