Mild curiosity

Sorry there's no cat picture this week, I've been busy. Really.

The vacuum fulfilled all my wildest expectations - I vacuumed much
more than was good for me, and I must accept that my carpet is too old
to ever turn the Intelliclean system green. Nonetheless, I do have
pictures, just for you.

So here's a question: when you discover a new blog or befriend someone
on Facebook or MySpace, do you read their archives?


  1. Pictures! Are they there? :)

    My answer to your question is that I don't read archives from people, only from webcomics about which I obsess. You know what I mean - when I first discovered Ctrl-Alt-Del I made a point of reading through from the beginning. Lots of bloggers have been around for many years now and it would take a huge amount of time to read through their archives.

    I'm curious to see what other people say. :)

  2. Depends on how entertaining the current posts are. If I like the writing style, I'll browse backwards.

  3. Oh yeah. The better the writer, the more obsessively I read their stuff. I'm less of a blog reader, though, than a regular MSM reader, so it's hard to say. And I don't have a Facebook or MySpace account: networking sites make my skin crawl...

    My favorite movie reviewer was summarily dismissed from and reappeared on instead with no explanation, but I will follow him anywhere. When I first discovered him, I read back through every one of his reviews, even the ones about completely obscure movies. There are others...

  4. Nope, I can barely keep up with the current ones. Well, there was a certain co-worker of ours who had some very entertaining entries, so I searched in vain for more fun in the archives.

    Glad the vac is meeting your suction needs!


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