Hither and Yon

Mostly an uneventful weekend - our GURPS game was cancelled, alas, but we compensated by having Shilo and her fiance over for a game and junk food. They brough Betrayal at the House on the Hill, which was a lot of fun and very easy to learn. Sunday, I spent some time organizing the library and weeded a few bags full of books - enough so that I was able to reduce the double-stacking and piles to a somewhat manageable level. We will still need to get some new/additional bookcases, but at least it doesn't look like a disaster area anymore.

My bike ride this morning through our renewed heat (112 predicted today), was full of random thoughts. I wish that there was a hands-free/non-speaking transcriber, that I could jack into my brain and record what I'm thinking. I'd be much better at keeping a journal, as well as remembering my to-do list.

This is the last week before school starts, and already campus is getting more busy as the students start moving in. I love the bustle of campus during the semester, but I do get used to a pedestrian traffic-free ride over the summer and it takes some adjustment when the semester gets underway.

Today's cat picture is a memorium - we believe the stray outside the window, for whom our yard and shed were the closest thing to a home he could have, has passed into kitty heaven. If Charlie had more than a pea-brain, he might miss his hours of staring at this strange being out the window. But I miss him, and hope he's basking in the sun, relaxed and well-fed in the next world.

25 April 2007


  1. Your library cleanup project sounds fun and cathartic. I've been trading a few books on the swap sites listed on LibraryThing - amazingly there is a (fledgling) NZ site there! You have Bookman's, of course, which I miss DEARLY, but you could always try the online swaps too. The only problem is that it doesn't necessarily reduce the gross number of books you have, making those piles threaten to return...

    Poor kitty! I'm hoping you didn't find squished kitty bits on the road somewhere. :(

  2. I feel sad for the kitty cat. We also have a cat that has made our carport his home. If we didn't already have sooooo many cats we would let him in, he's so nice. Rest in peace, kitty, rest in peace.

  3. Yeah, I REALLY don't want to do a book swap - we're just going to dump the lot at Bookman's. We don't even care about store credit!

    We did not find his poor body anywhere, but the last time we saw him, he looked injured, but he ran when we tried to catch him. Haven't seen him since, and he was a regular.

  4. RIP feline friend.


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