2 sources of inspiration

Right here at ASU.

The Art of Leaving -
"Students, artists, and researchers from Arizona State University are a vital part of this engaging environment. Since 2003, they’ve shared artistic programming recommendations, research, and their personal talents with Mayo Clinic physicians, administrators, and palliative care patients. Their artistic versatility has resulted in live music experiences at the bedside and celebrations of patients’ lives through poetry."

Building Dreams: Setting a new standard for affordable, sustainable housing -
"ASU is one of a handful of universities in the nation with a research-based design/build program focused on developing homes that are both affordable and green. While “being green” has become a “hot” and mainstream topic globally, rarely does cost weigh into the conversation.

Researchers at ASU Stardust Center hope to change that. Their long-term goal is to apply these efficient models to the housing industry. They want to convince builders to produce large-scale subdivisions of affordable and earth-friendly homes."

Two vastly different situations, but both inspire me to work towards caring for others and our environment. I want to volunteer for Sonata del Sol and the Stardust center, simultaneously. Of course, then I'd actually have to practice my guitar...

I also want to point out that ASU's Research Magazine now has an RSS feed. I'd subscribe, but I already get several free print copies and I don't think they'll stop sending them to me. But the rest of you might be interested...